Our promise to you: Honesty, Integrity and Respect.

Victims and survivors find their way to Indigo House in many ways. Some have heard about us in the community, some come because ACC have referred them to us.

You can contact us directly and we also take referrals from doctors, nurses, social workers, NZ Police and from family or whānau.

We keep our word and try to help everyone who contacts us.

We help victims cope with the day-to-day problems, fears and trauma caused by sexual abuse.

  • We provide them with a new pathway so they can restart their lives.

  • We help relieve the stress, anxiety, depression or addictions that this trauma has placed on them.

  • We help them take the first steps on a healing journey to enable them to dream and become who they want to be.

Indigo House supports victims of sexual abuse, trauma or harm through the Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) with ACC.

These ACC claims are fully funded – there is no need for you to pay anything.

We provide:

  • Counselling services

  • Social work services

  • Support for family and whānau

  • Cultural support

  • Rongoa and herbal medicine

What is a Sensitive Claim?

Indigo House provides support for anyone in New Zealand, including visitors to the country, who have experienced sexual harm.

We may also be able to help if you’re a New Zealand resident and have experienced sexual harm while travelling overseas. It doesn’t matter if the event happened recently or a long time ago.

This support is fully funded by ACC and you can start whenever you’re ready. There are also services available for your family and whānau.

For more information about ACC Sensitive Claims, click here.

Integrated Service for Sensitive Claims process

What if I was sexually harmed years ago?

That’s OK. We are there to help you regardless of when it happened.

When you contact us for support, one of our team will be in touch with you to talk about what type of support you are after and what type of therapist might be suitable if you have selected someone specifically to work with.

They will also explain what to expect when engaging in ACC’s Sensitive Claims process. From there, it usually takes from 2–10 days to find a therapist who;

  • Is in your area

  • Suits your needs

  • Has space to take on a new client.

Sometimes this can take longer, but we always keep you informed. Once we have a confirmed therapist, your details are provided to them, and they will make contact with you directly.

  • As soon as you engage with a Therapist, they will work with you on your Treatment Plan

  • When ACC approves the Services requested by the Therapist the work begins

  • ACC covers all treatment services from the moment you engage with us. This could be anywhere from 3 months to many years – every journey is unique and different.

Indigo House is a gateway – a place to go for support and advice.

If we can’t help you directly, we know someone who can.

We can connect you to therapists who provide additional services such as group therapy, private therapy and supervision.

Group Therapy

From time-to-time Indigo House therapists hold group therapy sessions for clients with Sensitive Claims.

Please make contact with us detailing your request to see if we have any upcoming Group Therapy.

Private Sessions

Many of our therapists provide private counselling sessions that relate to problems such as grief, trauma, addictions, anxiety, relationship issues etc.

Note: If you would like to engage with a therapist for this type of support, please contact us with the name of the Therapist and type of service you are seeking.


Many of our therapists provide private supervision services.

If you are looking for Clinical Supervision, please let us know which therapist you would like to contact for these sessions.

Note: The fees for supervision
are discussed between you and the Supervisor.