Need a safe place to talk,
some professional help and support?

Indigo House is here to support victims and survivors of sexual violence and harm in New Zealand. We have a team of highly qualified counsellors, social workers and psychologists to help you start your healing journey.

We help sexual assault survivors with counselling and therapy – everyone from teenagers to the elderly, from Northland to Otago.

We know that honesty is important when starting your journey, that you need to be supported by someone who will do what they promise, someone with integrity. Our team at Indigo House are there to help you. When you share your fears and traumas, we listen and we keep everything absolutely confidential.

Our clients tell us that they had so many questions when they started on their journey with Indigo House such as, “Who can I trust? Will I be looked after? Will someone get back to me? What happens next?”

We are here to help you, you can trust that we will get back to you and help you plan the next steps on your healing journey.

The first step – reaching out for help
– is the hardest

We understand how much courage and strength is needed to take that first step on your healing journey.

Once you contact us you will feel a sudden release, a weight taken off your shoulders.

Our team of qualified counsellors are here to help.

What is Indigo House?

Indigo House was established in 2017 to provide counselling services to victims of sexual harm, abuse or violence.

It is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enhancing community wellbeing.

Our counselling services

  • Are free of charge for anyone who meets the criteria.
  • Do not discriminate – our experienced counsellors work with survivors and victims of sexual harm – young and old – regardless of gender, culture or background.

  • Include social work support, cultural support and support for whānau/family.

  • Are provided on behalf of ACC under the Integrated Services for Sensitive Claims (ISSC) contract.

Free support

We help New Zealand sexual abuse victims and survivors through professional guidance and support using qualified, experienced therapists who are carefully selected to offer essential support for you and your family through the healing process.


The hardest part is

taking that first step

Our team are waiting to help.